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Passion to create
Designing and developing products has always been my passion. Already at young age, I knew I wanted to ‘make’ something. At Philips Electronics, we regularly visited factories and were constantly exposed to new opportunities. During this period, I probably mostly developed my ability to see which technology applications could be turned into commercial products. Add our passion for watches, and you can feel the excitement standing in front of Swiss watches retailers windows while visiting Switzerland on skiing vacations at the end of the eighties. We loved the beautiful classical timepieces. There was one problem however: They were way to expensive for our young age budget. This is when my wife and myself started to speculate about using the new quartz technology to create classical watches. We had seen well functioning watches in Asia, at very low prices, albeit with pretty ugly designs. We asked ourselves What if we make such watches with beautiful classical designs?

Building your Management Team
With 20-25% annual growth, we were adding 20% more people to the FC Team. When the company approached 80 employees, we realized we could not manage it by ourselves anymore. It was a classical development phase. YPO events and coaches helped us to build a Management Team. We did psychological analysis and intense teambuilding sessions. This speech will draw from an extensive toolkit that delivers practical ‘how to’ takehome value.

Vision, Purpose and Values
Build on the extensive research and analysis of Jim Collins, we executed exercises during a three day company off-site. With the ManagementTeam, we developed our company Core Purpose To let more people enjoy luxury. We also defined our Core Values Achievement, Honesty, Creativity, Efficiency, Cooperation and Personal Development. Our company vision is the ‘holy script’ guiding our continued development and growth. Gladly, I share the effective set of excercises that helped us to define the Core Purpose and Core Values of our company.


Keynote at the 10 Years Heart Beat Manufacture Celebration

Win the PR War
PR in a luxury company, deploy a vast array of PR activities off- and online. Manage over 100 PR Professionals worldwide and 4000 Journalists via a web based PR Resource Center (PRRC). Link press releases with published articles, analyse best performance. Evaluate actions by internal and external PR Professionals. Recently received a 4.95 out 5 evaluation for this speech at a YPO event in London.

Control your destiny
My first day at Philips started with an introduction by the Director of our department telling me that I needed to know that my boss was going to be replaced. Over the next three years, I saw three bosses being replaced, it was a common theme at Philips. 40 years of age seemed to be the magical number. Some went gracefully, some stayed ‘workless’ in their office while another boss already took over. Frustrations were all around. Knowing myself, I reconfirmed that by age 40, I had be in control of my destiny or somebody else would.

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