Party of 300 opens 3000 m²

Yesterday, we celebrated the opening of extended facilities of the Frederique Constant Manufacture in Geneva. feca29ef-e0a0-44ea-9a31-5329f7ef07a2

We needed two years to finish the construction of an additional 3000 m² space, bringing the Frederique Constant Group’s headquarters up to 6200 m², enabling to completely re-organise the different working spaces.

On the ground floor, the visitors will find an exclusive dedicated space where guests will have the chance to go through a Manufacture Experience and discover each brand’s universe and history. Amongst many displays and settings, the visitors will be able to discover heritage timepieces, the manufacturing process of the brands’ in-house calibres, details of some of the most iconic watches, innovative savoir-faire, specific watchmaking functions, connected watches and more.

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We are optimistic and continue to implement our sales-focused strategy by defining strong guidelines for the two flagship brands: extending accessible luxury for Frederique Constant, developing key markets and distribution channels while developing growth for Alpina (especially after the huge success of the AlpinerX outdoors smartwatch launched in 2018).


Frederique Constant has been producing watches in the heart of Plan-les-Ouates since 2006. We continue to innovate in the Swiss watch industry and worldwide thanks to the first Swiss Made Horological Smartwatch and Hybrid Collection. The strong tradition of investing in new technologies, new in-house mechanical movement at an affordable price tag reflects our commitment to Let more people enjoy luxury.

The overall goal is to increase the production capacity from 160,000 to 250,000 watches per year within the next 5 years.

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