Hybrid Manufacture Smartwatch

We are proud to introduce a new World’s First: The hybrid smartwatch collection, the Hybrid Manufacture, the first to fuse tech with a mechanical manufacture-made movement.


Hybrid Manufacture Movement



Image courtesy of Blogtowatch

Back in 2015, we introduced the Horological Smartwatch, but these have quartz movements. A lot of people have since been asking for a smartwatch with a mechanical movement, and the Hybrid Manufacture is the first to accomplish just that, arriving on the scene in four 42mm styles.

We did some complex trickery to cancel out the negative magnetic effects between the mechanical and electronic modules, and the watch completely hides the technology within.


Smart features include step tracking, sleep tracking and a second time zone. So pretty par for the course for a modern hybrid, but the Hybrid Manufacture goes with its coaching. In the app you’ll see health tips based on your stats, advising you, for example that too much activity in the evening is having a negative impact on your sleep. We plan to keep expanding on giving meaningful health information. That’s where we see the true value a smartwatch, measuring health indications on the body.

Another interesting part of the Hybrid Manufacture is for the real watch enthusiasts, as in the app  you’ll be able to see the health of the caliber itself. You’ll see a measurement of the amplitude (the rotation of the balance wheel), the rate of seconds per day it’s off, and the beat error.


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